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Payment, Shipping & Returns

Your advantages

» individual consulting
» personalized price offer
» Service for custom-made products & individual product adaptations
» delivery date information & Product availability

Individual wishes

Our credo is: If you can't get it from us, you can't get it anywhere.

No matter if it is an item from an older collection, a custom-made item or you just want to save yourself the search: Do not hesitate to contact us, our customer consultants are there for you.

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Everything about the payment process

With our payment methods bank transfer, PayPal and payment on collection, we offer our customers an automatic discount of 5% on selected brands. This is shown at the respective product and in the shopping cart. The shipment of the goods will be made after full receipt of payment.

When paying by credit card, the account is charged with the placement of the order. We accept credit cards Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

We are happy to provide the option to purchase on account with the support of our partner Klarna. After shipping the goods, you have 14 days to easily and conveniently pay the outstanding amount by bank transfer.

Use the possibility of Klarna purchase on account for orders
  • from an order value of € 100 up to a maximum purchase value of € 1,500
  • where the billing address is the same as the delivery address
  • Where no gift certificates are purchased

Installment payment with our partner Klarna offers numerous advantages for uncomplicated processing. In addition, you benefit from attractive conditions with us.

0% financing

From an order value of 500 € up to an order value of 12.000 € we offer you the possibility of 0% financing with our partner TARGOBANK. We take over the accruing interest for you for all products. You can choose between 6, 8, 12 or 24 equal monthly installments.

0% financingInstallment purchase

Minimum order value500 €100 €
Maximum order value12.000 €3.000 €
Interest rate0%0% - 4%
Maturities6, 8, 12 oder 24 months6, 12, 18, 24 months or flexible
Credit checkwithin the scope of the subsequent application by Targobankwithin the framework of the subsequent application by Klarna

0% financing
Minimum order value500 €
Maximum order value12.000 €
Interest rate0%
Maturities6, 8, 12 oder 24 months
Credit checkwithin the scope of the subsequent application by Targobank

Installment purchase

Minimum order value100 €
Maximum order value3.000 €
Interest rate0% - 4%
Maturities6, 12, 18, 24 months or flexible
Credit checkwithin the framework of the subsequent application by Klarna
Shipping & handling

Free worldwide shipping! We offer you the possibility to benefit from our free shipping for all orders all over the world. Regardless of your location, be it in Germany or the USA, you will not incur any shipping costs. We do not charge any hidden fees and provide you with smooth and free shipping worldwide.

VIP service

IMPORTANT: For all shipping methods, we bear the full risk of damage or loss of the goods in transit! In any case, you will receive your goods as desired.

Enjoy our VIP service - Sit back and let us fulfill your wishes quickly and easily. From a purchase value of 10,000 euros, you can use our exclusive VIP service and freely determine the place and time of your delivery. Simply let us know your desired location and time. Whether airport, office or café: With the VIP service, you are guaranteed to have your purchase delivered to your desired location at the desired time.

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Our shipping methods

Up to an order value of 5.000 € you will receive your package via DHL.


  • Fully insured, of course.
  • As soon as your order leaves our house, you will receive the tracking link with your tracking number from us. Herewith you can see the current status of your delivery.
  • As a rule, you will receive your package already on the next business day, at the latest after two business days.
  • If you wish, we will also be happy to arrange express shipping or another type of desired delivery - just contact one of our customer service representatives.
  • With our special value shipping, your package will be right on the next business day once your order leaves our facility.
  • The delivery by cash-in-transit is carried out after agreement with you: you determine the desired place and time of delivery.
  • Delivery is also possible on Saturdays.
  • Your package will be delivered only to you or to a person expressly designated by you. Under no circumstances will it be left with unknown persons or in other places.

For deliveries outside the EU, we will issue an invoice for the net amount without the German VAT of 19%. We take over the complete customs registration for you. Please note that delivery and invoice address must be identical. You pay the national VAT in the export country upon receipt of the goods.

If you prefer delivery to a German address or local store pickup and want to export the item abroad, we will issue the invoice including the German VAT of 19%. You will receive an export form for customs from us. When exporting, you must present the export form, your invoice (the invoice address must be in the importing country) and the items to customs. Anschließend übersenden Sie uns das vom Zoll gestempelte Original-Dokument und wir erstatten Ihnen die deutsche Mehrwertsteuer. 

For delivery by mail to Switzerland, we will issue an invoice for the net amount without the German VAT of 19%. We take over the introduction into Switzerland and the complete customs registration of your goods for you. The Swiss VAT you pay conveniently directly upon delivery to the value shipper.

Example: For example, you order a product that has a price of 5,000.00 euros from us. When ordering and shipping to Switzerland, you pay only 4,201.68 euros, which is the net price minus the German VAT of 19%. For delivery in Switzerland, you pay the 8.1% Swiss tax in cash directly to the delivery person. In this example, this corresponds to a monetary value in francs, which is the equivalent of approximately 323.53 euros. Thus, the customer from Switzerland ultimately pays only 4,525.21 euros for the product with a price of 5,000.00 euros - a saving of almost 9.5%.

Shipping options for our international customers at a glance

Shipping to German Address / PickupShipping to international address
Invoice amountPayment of the gross amountPayment of the net amount
Invoice addressInternational invoice addressInternational billing address identical to the delivery address
Customs procedureYou will receive the export form from us. Contact customs with this, the invoice and the item when exporting.We take over the complete customs declaration
Value added tax refund/paymentReimbursement of German VAT by us retroactively after sending the original stamped export form to us. Payment of VAT of the export destination to the customs upon export.Payment of VAT of the export destination upon delivery to the shipping service provider.
Revocation & Return

If you are not satisfied with your goods or want to return them for other reasons, we offer you extensive cancellation options that go far beyond the minimum legal requirements.

  • We extend the legal right of return from 14 days to double; for 28 days you can return your goods without giving reasons.
  • You must communicate the revocation simply and form-free by telephone or e-mail.
  • You must return the goods to us using the same carrier from which you received the goods.
  • We will cover all return shipping costs - even if the return is from a country for which we charge shipping costs for delivery.

This way, you can examine and try out the goods in detail and without time pressure, without feeling the pressure of having to keep products you don't like. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about any costs associated with a possible return.

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Cancellation policy

You can find the cancellation policy in detail under the link below. There you will also find a prefabricated revocation declaration. However, you can also easily and without formalities declare your revocation to us by phone or e-mail or by other means. One of our customer advisors will be happy to take care of all the details and arrange for your return to be picked up from you.

Exclusion of revocation

However, the revocation may be excluded in some exceptional cases. If we adapt prefabricated goods exactly to your needs (e.g. the engraving of a piece of jewelry) or make custom-made items, there is no right of withdrawal.

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