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Brogle Slection



Imperishable classics

Solitaire jewelry pieces are timeless classics that never go out of style. They suit any occasion and complement any outfit, whether for everyday wear or for special occasions. Solitaire jewelry is not only an expression of beauty, but also a symbol of deep love and affection. The clear and captivating radiance of the diamond reflects the purity and imperishability of your union.

Brogle Selection Promise Necklace with Pendant
Brogle Selection Promise Necklace with Pendant
Brogle Selection Promise Creoles
Brogle Selection Promise Stud Earrings
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We advise you individually on our engagement rings

The engagement ring is the symbol of your heartfelt love and should therefore be something very special and fit you and the person you love. We will help you with the selection and advise you individually on the phone, by e-mail or via WhatsApp.

With an appointment, you can visit us in our stores and see the noble engagement rings in person. Of course, we comply with all hygiene rules and together with you we will choose the perfect engagement ring according to your individual wishes.

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Timeless elegance and personal meaning

The Illusion collection is a tribute to the uniqueness of each individual. Stand by yourself and be inspired by your many facets, because they make you unique. Sandra Brogle, a passionate cosmopolitan, drew on her many impressions from around the world to shape this collection. In the process, just as many brilliant-cut diamonds unite to form one big jewel that reflects the diversity and individuality of each wearer.

Brogle Selection Illusion Ring
Brogle Selection Illusion Creoles
Brogle Selection Illusion Necklace with Pendant
Brogle Selection Illusion Ring
Brogle Selection Illusion Necklace with Pendant
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Beauty and brilliance that never fade

Immerse yourself in the radiant world of luxurious jewelry from our coveted Eternity collection, enhanced with an abundance of sparkling diamonds. Each piece tells a story of timeless elegance and world-class craftsmanship. Precisely selected diamonds are artfully set to create a stunning sparkle that catches everyone's eye. Our luxurious jewelry is not just an adornment, but an expression of personal style and refined aesthetics. Experience the magic of sparkling luxury and be seduced by the Eternity collection, where diamonds play an eternal symphony of brilliance. Welcome to a world where each piece of jewelry underlines your individuality and enriches your look with glamorous fascination.

Brogle Selection Eternity Creoles
Brogle Selection Eternity Armband
Brogle Selection Eternity Memoirering
Brogle Selection Eternity Creoles
Brogle Selection Eternity Memoirering
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Clear shapes

A right decision feels good, even on the skin. When we talk about our filigree Essentials jewelry from BROGLE SELECTION, we start from the ground up with the best. It's a touch of luxury and so much more. In this collection, Sandra Brogle combines youthful charm and the natural curiosity that inspires jewelry artists around the world to create ever new works. Free your imagination!

Brogle Selection Essentials Elastic 585 5mm
Brogle Selection Essentials Fantasy Bracelet 585 8mm
Brogle Selection Essentials Paperclip 585 Hoops
Brogle Selection Essentials Ring 585 21mm
Brogle Selection Essentials Round 585 Pendant
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Modern jewelry full of ideas

The Brogle Selection Casual collection offers timeless pieces for everyday wear. With simple design and high quality, these jewelry pieces are perfect for any occasion. They combine simplicity with elegance and are a must have for any jewelry lover.

Brogle Selection Casual Ring
Brogle Selection Casual Necklace
Brogle Selection Casual Ring
Brogle Selection Casual Ring
Brogle Selection Casual Bracelet
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Machen Sie Ihr Leben bunter

Felicity steht für pure Freude und Glück. Diese Kollektion von Brogle Selection strahlt Positivität und Leichtigkeit aus. Mit funkelnden Edelsteinen und einzigartigen Designs bringt Felicity ein Lächeln auf jedes Gesicht.

Brogle Selection Felicity Bracelet
Brogle Selection Felicity Necklace with Pendant
Brogle Selection Felicity Stud Earrings
Brogle Selection Felicity Ring
Brogle Selection Felicity Ring
 MG 9238 16 6 (2) MG 9238 1 1 (2)

Elegance of royal traditions

The Brogle Selection Royal collection is for those who seek excellence and splendor. With majestic designs and high-quality materials, every piece in this collection is a sign of luxury and royalty.

Brogle Selection Royal Stud Earrings
Brogle Selection Royal Ring
Brogle Selection Royal Bracelet
Brogle Selection Royal Ring
Brogle Selection Royal Necklace
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Expressive designs in great variety

We see in all people unique beauty with individual character. Therefore, the search for the right jewelry is exciting and promising. Your values and ideas flow into it, through you a piece of jewelry becomes a STATEMENT: show who you are! Many ideas and the highest quality materials are waiting to enter the stage light. For this purpose, Sandra Brogle has selected a variety of shapes and designs in the STATEMENT collection from BROGLE SELECTION, which are needed to bring your vision to life. Which story and which message your personal piece of jewelry will tell one day is your decision.

Brogle Selection Statement Ring
Brogle Selection Statement Bracelet
Brogle Selection Statement Creoles
Brogle Selection Statement Necklace
Brogle Selection Statement Ring

Jewelry with deeper meaning

In the fascinating world of Brogle Selection's SPIRIT collection, symbols meet meaning to add a special depth to jewelry. Heart symbols and crosses are at the heart of this collection, offering more than beauty - they embody love, faith and hope. These symbols tell stories and invite you to showcase your beliefs and values with subtle elegance.

Brogle Selection Spirit Ring
Brogle Selection Spirit Necklace
Brogle Selection Spirit Stud Earrings
Brogle Selection Spirit Ring
Brogle Selection Spirit Necklace
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more than a trademark

Finally, we have succeeded in launching our own ICON collection! Made of 18-carat gold and exquisite gemstones - an essence of the BROGLE SELECTION collections. The most important thing for us in the creation was that both our trademark is discreetly recognizable, but it can be interpreted in many different ways: Thus, it also stands for intrinsic value as well as infinity. The timeless jewelry of the ICON line is noble and at the same time discreet for every day, combinable in many different ways. A talisman that connects two people, or an accessory with which you give yourself as a gift.

Brogle Selection Icon Ring
Brogle Selection Icon Creole
Brogle Selection Icons Necklace with Pendant
Brogle Selection Icon Bangle
Brogle Selection Icons Bracelet
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Works of art for the grand entrance

You are a strong woman with personality and self-confidence and stand out from the crowd - you are unique. Just like the exciting jewelry from BROGLE SELECTION EXCEPTIONAL. For women who know who they are and what they want, Sandra Brogle has traveled the world and compiled the incomparable highlights of haute joaillerie for you - the highest-carat jewelry pieces from all collections, which we adapt to your ideas. Let yourself be seduced by the artful shapes and most precious materials. Of special quality for special occasions. Because you are everything - except ordinary!

Brogle Selection Exceptional Necklace
Brogle Selection Exceptional Ring
Brogle Selection Exceptional Stud Earrings
Brogle Selection Exceptional Bracelet
Brogle Selection Exceptional Necklace
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Transparency and clarity

Discover the incomparable beauty and quality of our GIA certified jewelry and be enchanted by the splendor of these exceptional jewels. Each piece is made with attention to detail to focus on the unique beauty of the gemstone and ignite your joy and enthusiasm. The GIA is one of the most respected institutions in gemology and sets the standard for diamond and gemstone grading. With a GIA certificate, you can be confident that you are receiving a piece of jewelry of the highest quality and purity. The GIA certificate provides a detailed description of the gemstone, including its carat count, color, clarity, cut quality and other distinguishing characteristics. It gives you the assurance that you know exactly what you are getting and that the information has been independently and objectively verified.

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Selection Europas größte Schmuckkollektion für anspruchsvolle Individualisten

Brogle Selection is not only about jewelry, but also about the feeling of luxury and value. Our collections are the result of passionate craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection. You deserve to pamper yourself or your loved ones with our unique jewelry pieces and put a smile on their face.

Brogle Selection - your place for unique jewelry that catches the eye and touches the heart.

An engagement ring symbolizes not only the question of whether you want to spend the rest of your life with a loved one, but also the beginning of a journey together full of love, trust and connection. It is a magical moment when you ask that special someone if he or she is willing to walk that path with you.

The engagement ring with a sparkling diamond embodies the timelessness of love and, like love itself, is made for eternity. Considered the hardest material in the world, the diamond symbolizes the unbreakable bond of two hearts that have chosen each other.

The decision to choose the engagement ring with a sparkling diamond also expresses the uniqueness of love. Just as each diamond is unique, so is each love unique and precious. The ring becomes a precious symbol of this special bond that will only grow over time.

Choosing an engagement ring is a memorable step, and a comprehensive consultation can help find that special ring that perfectly reflects the love and bond between the two partners.

We will be happy to advise you!

The "Illusion" jewelry collection is a fascinating and mystical creation that pushes the boundaries of traditional jewelry design. In this unique collection, several diamonds visually merge into one impressive diamond that captivates the viewer.

This unique jewelry exudes irresistible attraction and gives the wearer a mysterious aura. It is not just an accessory, but a work of art that underlines the personality of the wearer and emphasizes her individuality.

The "Illusion" collection is a tribute to the beauty and magic of diamonds. It invites you to immerse yourself in a world of fascination and elegance and to be enchanted by the mystical power of these extraordinary pieces of jewelry.