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One thought, one lifestyle

The world is our home. That's why it goes without saying for Sandra Brogle that we welcome all her diversity with open arms. Her modern ring selection in particular makes this clear. Here, wearers will find numerous designs in just as many variations. Small differences that make for great jewelry. That is Casual.

Brogle Selection Casual Ring
Brogle Selection Casual Ring
Brogle Selection Illusion Ring
Brogle Selection Casual Ring
Brogle Selection Casual Ring
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Bracelet jewelry that inspires

Enjoy the discreet highlights for everyday use that live up to the name of this collection. Casual elegance in modern shapes playfully complement your outfit. Always a particularly beautiful but understated eye-catcher: filigree bracelets. Playful, casual and full of joy - simply CASUAL.

Brogle Selection Casual Bracelet
Brogle Selection Casual Bracelet
Brogle Selection Casual Bracelet
Brogle Selection Casual Bracelet
Brogle Selection Casual Bracelet
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Carefree versatility

Casual necklaces are versatile enough to suit any occasion. Whether you're going to the office, meeting friends, or for a relaxing day on the town, these necklaces will add that special touch to your look. Their simple beauty allows you to wear them solo or combine them with other jewelry to express your personal style.

Brogle Selection Casual Necklace
Brogle Selection Illusion Necklace
Brogle Selection Casual Necklace
Brogle Selection Casual Necklace
Brogle Selection Casual Necklace
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k promise 5 (1) Rings from 0.5 carat
Sign of infinity

A solitaire ring with a 0.5 carat diamond represents not only the beauty of the moment, but also the eternal bond of two souls. It embodies the promises of love and devotion and becomes an unforgettable symbol of your unique union.

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fs brogle selection promise ab 1 karat Rings from 1 carat
A jewel in a class of its own

Featuring a stunning 1 carat diamond, these solitaire rings exude irresistible allure. The exceptional size of the diamond makes it the center of attention and gives the ring a majestic aura.

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k promise 9 Rings from 2 carats
A glimmer of immortality

A solitaire ring with over 2 carats of diamonds is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a statement. It symbolizes style, prestige and sophistication and becomes an expression of your exceptional taste and unique personality.

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fs brogle selection promise ab 0 5 karat Rings with 4s ruffle
Timeless beauty

Our solitaire rings with a 4-claw setting exude a timeless beauty that never goes out of style. The setting accentuates the natural brilliance of the diamond and allows the light to catch it from all angles, making it shine in a sparkling dance.

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fs brogle selection promise 6er Rings with 6s ruff
A symbol of safety and connectedness

The 6-claw setting is not only an aesthetic highlight, but also a symbol of security and connection. The six delicate crappies surrounding the diamond symbolize the strong and reliable bond of two souls going through life together.

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fs brogle selection promise spannring Clamping rings.
The secret of tension

Tension rings are an amazing fusion of technology and aesthetics. They are characterized by their unique setting, which holds the diamond or gemstone seemingly suspended between the ends of the ring. This innovative design gives the jewelry an enchanting lightness and allows the stone to shine in a harmonious balance.

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Discreet and varied

The earrings of the CASUAL collection by Brogle Selection are varied and offer a variety of designs to suit every taste. The clean lines and delicate details give the earrings a timeless beauty and elegance. The earrings are perfect for everyday wear and are easy to pair with any outfit.

Brogle Selection Casual Ear JewelryBrogle Selection Casual CreolesBrogle Selection Casual CreolesBrogle Selection Casual Creoles
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k casual 6 1T7A5643 1 1

CASUAL Highlights for any occasion

Experience the excitement of everyday life with the rings from our Casual collection. Simple and delicate, they go with any outfit and give you a touch of elegance and style with delicate details. Discover the diversity of Brogle Selection's Casual collection and find the perfect ring for every occasion.

Brogle Selection Casual jewelry pieces are small highlights of style that you can wear to match your outfit. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care and precision to provide you with a unique piece of jewelry of the highest quality. Our top advice is available to help you choose the perfect gift.

Discover the Casual collection of Brogle Selection and be enchanted by the variety and beauty of our products. Each jewelry piece is made with attention to detail and will give you a lifetime of pleasure. Trust our top advice and enjoy insured free shipping. Find the perfect ring, necklace, earring or bracelet that expresses your personality and completes your look.