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Symbols of the royal connection

Our ROYAL rings embody the deep bond symbolized by royalty throughout history. With sparkling diamonds, precious gemstones and ornate designs, these rings tell a story of royal elegance and timeless love. Wear a ROYAL ring and feel the presence of majesty and style.


Sign of royal grandeur

ROYAL necklaces give you an aura of royal grandeur. Whether you're looking for a delicate necklace with a sparkling pendant or an impressive statement necklace, our selection has the perfect piece for every taste and occasion. Wear a ROYAL necklace and feel the magic of royal beauty.


A touch of royal splendor

The ROYAL collection bracelets are a subtle reminder of royal grandeur. With an ornate design and sparkling accents, it's a reminder that true beauty is in the details. Wear this bracelet and feel the easy grace of royal jewelry traditions.


Radiant elegance on display

ROYAL earrings pay homage to the radiant beauty of royal ear jewelry traditions. From stunning chandeliers to elegant drop earrings, these pieces embody the splendor and grace of royal court jewels. Wear ROYAL earrings and make a statement of royal elegance.

k promise 5 (1) Rings from 0.5 carat

Sign of infinity

A solitaire ring with a 0.5 carat diamond represents not only the beauty of the moment, but also the eternal bond of two souls. It embodies the promises of love and devotion and becomes an unforgettable symbol of your unique union.

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fs brogle selection promise ab 1 karat Rings from 1 carat

A jewel in a class of its own

Featuring a stunning 1 carat diamond, these solitaire rings exude irresistible allure. The exceptional size of the diamond makes it the center of attention and gives the ring a majestic aura.

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k promise 9 Rings from 2 carats

A glimmer of immortality

A solitaire ring with over 2 carats of diamonds is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a statement. It symbolizes style, prestige and sophistication and becomes an expression of your exceptional taste and unique personality.

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fs brogle selection promise ab 0 5 karat Rings with 4s ruffle

Timeless beauty

Our solitaire rings with a 4-claw setting exude a timeless beauty that never goes out of style. The setting accentuates the natural brilliance of the diamond and allows the light to catch it from all angles, making it shine in a sparkling dance.

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fs brogle selection promise 6er Rings with 6s ruff

A symbol of safety and connectedness

The 6-claw setting is not only an aesthetic highlight, but also a symbol of security and connection. The six delicate crappies surrounding the diamond symbolize the strong and reliable bond of two souls going through life together.

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fs brogle selection promise spannring Clamping rings.

The secret of tension

Tension rings are an amazing fusion of technology and aesthetics. They are characterized by their unique setting, which holds the diamond or gemstone seemingly suspended between the ends of the ring. This innovative design gives the jewelry an enchanting lightness and allows the stone to shine in a harmonious balance.

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An ode to royal refinement

Our ROYAL jewelry set is a true tribute to royal sophistication and splendor. It includes a stunning ensemble of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces - each piece artfully designed to enhance the unity of the set. Every detail has been carefully considered to give you an unforgettable jewelry experience.

k royal set 5

ROYAL Majestic beauty

Our ROYAL rings are an expression of royal splendor that graces your finger. They combine sparkling diamonds and precious gemstones in artistic designs. These rings are more than just pieces of jewelry - they are symbols of royal dignity and timeless beauty that underscore your personality.

ROYAL earrings are designed to subtly bring the royal grace of bygone eras into the present. With sparkling details and ornate shapes, they bring to life the splendor of royal court jewels. Wear our ROYAL earrings and feel them surround your aura with royal splendor.

Our ROYAL bracelets are an embodiment of royal elegance that gently wraps around your wrist. The ornate designs and sparkling accents catch the light and make a statement of sophistication. Wear these bracelets and see them frame your movements with regal grace.

ROYAL necklaces add a touch of royal grandeur to your neck. With a choice of delicate chains and sparkling pendants or stunning statement necklaces, they bring royal splendor to your look. Wear our ROYAL necklaces and feel like a queen with unsurpassed charisma.

Immerse yourself in the royal world of Brogle Selection's ROYAL collection and experience the elegance of bygone eras in a unique way. Whether you choose rings, earrings, bracelets or necklaces, our collection embodies royal grace and timeless beauty in each and every piece. Our experts are on hand to assist you with selection and advice to help you find the jewelry that perfectly enhances your royal appeal.