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How do I determine my ring size?

The perfect size for your rings depends on which finger you want to wear rings on. If you use several fingers for rings, it is worth measuring each finger. But what is the best way to measure the ring size? We have put together five tips to help you find out your ring size.

1. just try on and test rings
For costume jewelry in the store, the best tactic is to simply try on different rings. There are not always uniform sizes, so you can be sure that the ring will fit your desired finger. However, this method is particularly useful in a live store. If you order a ring online, you do not have this option. Even with high-priced luxury rings, it is better to know your own ring size, as the right size is not always available. Especially with limited edition rings that sell out quickly, your exact ring size will help you choose the right one. You don't want to end up with a favorite piece that is too small or too big for you to wear.

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2. measure with a paper strip at home
You have probably heard this tip before: cut out a narrow strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. Then measure the circumference of your finger along the length of the paper. This method can give you a first impression of which ring size is right for you. However, incorrect measurements can lead to errors.

3. measure with a template
Even easier than the paper strip method is to use a template for the measurement. Such a template is easy to find on the Internet and we at Brogle also offer you a template to print out. You can find these in our ring size advisor. However, make sure that the printout has the correct scale so as not to falsify the result.

4. have ring size measured professionally by jeweler.
If you want to know exactly what the perfect ring size is for you, we recommend going to a jeweler. They will use a ring gauge to measure your exact ring size and you can be sure that the values are correct.

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5. Have your ring customized or made to measure at the jeweler.
Would you like a ring that fits your finger perfectly? Or your favorite ring no longer fits and you would like to have it resized? Then we will be happy to help you. Our goldsmiths make custom-made rings and adjustments in our in-house workshops. Contact us and let our experts advise you.

Once you have determined your ring size, you have a great advantage: you usually only have to do it once and then you will have found your ring size for a long time - or even your whole life. Simply determine your ring size and discover countless beautiful rings. We invite you to browse our online store for the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. We look forward to seeing you!

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