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10 reasons how smartwatches help you get fit

1. tracking and success analysis
Smartwatches and fitness watches measure your activity and compile it in a diagram in the corresponding mobile app. This allows you to see when you have exercised and whether you have improved. This boosts your motivation and shows you your progress.

2. fitness alarm
You have a lot to think about during a busy working day. The smartwatch helps you to remember to move. Set a fitness alarm and remind yourself to move a little every hour. Or enter the times when you want to do a sports session. This will free your mind for other things.

3. share your activity data with friends
Sharing brings joy and motivation! Many smartwatches and fitness watches offer the option of sharing your successes and activities with friends or other sports enthusiasts via their app. This enables friendly competition and encourages you to do your best even more.

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4. review your diet
With the right fitness app for your smartwatch, you can enter and check your diet. This tells you your calorie intake and whether you are getting enough vitamins, minerals or protein. This allows you to tailor your diet perfectly to your needs.

5. you won't miss a thing!
Is there a call or a message? Having to be available all the time is difficult and distracts you from important things. After all, you don't want to pull out your cell phone in the middle of a strength training session and interrupt your workout. This is no problem with a smartwatch. Calls or messages are shown on the easy-to-read display and you can answer the call or read the message with a simple touch. You won't miss a thing!

6. changing music made easy
Music during a sports session or jogging can work wonders. However, the wrong song can also be annoying. With a smartwatch, all it takes is a simple touch and you can listen to a particularly good song again or skip one.

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7. observe your sleep behavior
Good sleep is important for your well-being. With a smartwatch and the corresponding app, you can track your sleep and find out how well you really sleep. If you then change something to improve your sleep, you can see directly in the app whether you are sleeping better as a result.

8 Your heart sets the pace for you
Your heart rate tells you how strenuous a sports session is for your body. It is particularly important to keep an eye on your heart rate during endurance sports in order to create a strenuous but balanced sports unit. Smartwatches can measure your pulse directly on your wrist and show you the current intensity of your training.

9. set clear goals
With a goal in mind, it is easier to get there. So set yourself a goal and get moving. A smartwatch can help you to get fit by simply setting an exercise goal. You should take at least 8,000 steps a day.

10. great aids for your sport
Some smartwatches have very special functions for selected sports. This can range from swimming or jogging to golf. These functions can give you helpful tips and make your favorite sport even more fun.

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